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Interdisciplinary Research in Counseling, Ethics and Philosophy (IRCEP) is an open access journal, peer-reviewed journal, open to original papers from all interdisciplinary links between ethics, counseling and philosophical practice with other fields.

The journal was registered with ISSN 2783 - 9435 / ISSN – L 2783 – 9435.

The frequency of the journal is: Three regular issues per year, one in March, second in July and third in November, and the special issue with a special theme (if it is case).

The journal focuses on empirically oriented papers, studies of research, review papers or theoretical contributions. Also, the editorial board promotes interdisciplinary research, relevant to the fields of philosophy, ethics, consultancy, communication, education, economics, organizations, life sciences, spirituality, leadership, management, personal development, ethics environment, ecology, sociology, politics and society.

The mission of the journal is to publish the studies and papers of research, from all the fields which the counseling, ethics and philosophical practice are or can be applied. Additional, the journal including the empirically papers, review papers, other theoretical contributions, to contribute to advancing and improving the practice, and to promote the results of the researchers and practitioners from these areas.

IRCEP is also committed to promote researchers and practitioners, offering them a dedicated section in the journal. IRCEP takes into consideration only original academic contributions, which were not previously published and not sent for review to other journals.

In the case of articles accepted for publication, the authors concede the copyright to IRCEP, which retains the exclusive right of publishing and dissemination.

The Journal is published exclusively in English, using the peer review for the quality evaluation.  It publishes three regular issues per year, in March, July and November and occasionally one special issue, for a special theme (if it is case).

Articles published are double-blind peer-reviewed and included into one of the following categories: theoretical and methodological studies, original research papers, case studies, research notes, book reviews.

The recommended content of an article must be no more than 6,000 words, and for notes, case studies and book reviews should not exceed 4 pages.

The instructions for authors include the template format that shall be used for editing the papers for submission.


Current Issue

Vol. 3 No. 9 (2023): Issue 9 (Dedicated to the ICPP2023)

State of contents

The philosophical questions of the counselees                                                      -  Ora Gruengard       pag. 1-16

Philosophical meditation in the West                                                                     - Patrizia Cipoletta    pag. 17- 31

Some Lessons from Alcibiades 1 and Plato’s Seventh Letter for Philosophical Practitioners

                                                                                                                              - Patricia Anne Murphy     pag. 32-39 

Philosophy in the City, a project in Mexico City Practice                                    - Esther Charabati      pag. 40-45

The Method and Process of the Philosophical Café: Workshop Analysis          - Adriana Vlaicu       pag. 46-57 

Ancient shamanic emotional healing techniques and today’s philosophical counseling-

                                                                                                                               - Daniela Stănciulescu      pag. 58-75

Anthrozoology and Philosophical Practice                                                             - Liberta Csonka        pag. 76-85

The Influence of the Daimōn in Ancient Philosophy upon Contemporary Psychology   

                                                                                                                                        - Adina Bezerita      pag. 86-108

From experimental philosophy to philosophical practice, via feminist: the use of subjects’ intuitions in empirical research and philosophical counseling                                                    - Salem Samih pag.109-123

Published: 2023-12-20
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